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Fine Food Wholesalers New Zealand is a directory of wholesale food suppliers and distributors who are creating, producing and delivering some of the finest foods available in New Zealand. Covering a broad and diverse gourmet spectrum that includes New Zealand’s best food and beverage delights, Fine Food Wholesalers is your comprehensive A-Z guide; a veritable Online Fine Food Expo. Feast your eyes upon this!

Wholesale Food Suppliers & Distributors

  • Premium Active Manuka Honey

    100% Natural Premium Honey. Manuka Honey is the quintessential goodness from Mother Earth, and we believe in focussing on a natural product that speaks for itself. Click for more
  • Chocolates & Truffles

    Chocolate Brown's award winning chocolate is quite simply exquisite. We wholesale our chocolates throughout NZ into Gourmet Supermarkets, Chocolate shops, Florists, Gift Shops & more. Click for more ....

  • Nuts

    A super tasty blend of almonds, pumpkin seeds and our specially coated peanuts, dry roasted and dusted with New Zealand sea salt. We reckon Raving Roast is the best all natural nut mix around. Click for more ....
  • Fruit Pastes

    Rutherford & Meyer Fruit Pastes - Designed to freshen and cleanse the palate, Fruit Pastes are the perfect accompaniment to cheese and make a wonderful addition to any antipasto selection. Click for more ...

An online Fine Food Expo promoting distributors, suppliers and wholesalers of some of the best gourmet food and beverage products available in New Zealand. 

Fine Food Wholesalers is an online Fine Food Expo. A comprehensive list of wholesale food companies and food distributors for products available in New Zealand.
Access wholesale food suppliers, food wholesalers, and food distributors in both North Island and South Island.
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