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PO Box 824
Wanaka 9343 NZ


Phone: 03 2653 444

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Soda Press Co Natural & Organic Soda Syrups

Finally, an alternative to traditional ‘soda machine syrups’ and ‘cordials’ has arrived. Just when it seemed that anything delicious must be bad for you. The Soda Press Co has for you an exception to that rule. The syrup in their bottles is made from the finest natural and organic fruits, mixed together with organic cane and organic brown rice syrups.

They’re a little company with big ambitions and they think people’s palates deserve more. Their selection of handcrafted flavours comprises of some beloved classics through to new creations that will tickle your fancy.

Ideal to add to cocktails, mixers, ice cold drinks, hot drinks and recipes such as desserts, popsicles and jellies.

Here’s what makes Soda Press Co syrups SO good!

The syrups are made using a ‘small batch slow-extraction process’, thus creating vibrant flavours. It’s why they don’t need to use tons of sugar and other nasties in them to make them taste good. In fact, they use around 30-40% less sugar than traditional cordials.

Also, there are no numbers in the syrups either. They are flavoured, coloured and fortified using natural and organic ingredients.

Makes 18 serves therefore is environmentally friendly by saving 18 bottles from landfill.

The Soda Press Co flavours

  • Blueberry & Lime
    This uplifting and refreshing syrup encapsulates delicious rich berry and lime notes that just sing of summer. Popular with all age groups, from popsicles to party pleasing cocktails.
  • Ginger Ale
    An invigorated twist on the classic ginger ale. Zingy ginger coupled with clean, crisp citric notes. A versatile syrup, it makes the perfect refreshing drink or cocktail mixer and is a welcome addition in warm winter drinks. Also popular with expectant mothers.
  • Liquorice & Lemongrass
    The sweet warmth of liquorice root pairs with the exotic aromas of lemongrass to create a fresh, soothing and well-balanced taste sensation. And it has many wonderful medicinal benefits too!
  • Old Fashioned Lemonade
    The Old fashioned Lemonade syrup is an old classic with a twist. It delivers a truly thirst quenching symphony of citric notes with a dash of blackcurrant and cranberry extract.
  • Classic Indian Tonic
    Our Classic Indian Tonic Syrup is a delicate blend of spices and botanicals to create a subtle and refreshing tonic. This clear syrup creates the perfect G&T, is also delicious with other mixers and in cocktails.
  • Pink Grapefruit
    The perfect balance between tart, tang and sweet. This alluring and refreshing drink is perfect from summer to winter as a mixer, cocktails and everyday refreshment.
  • Raspberry & Mint
    The ultimate summer drink, uplifting with delicate raspberry tones rounded off with refreshing yet subtle mint notes. Divine as a drink or in cocktails. 


Soda Press Co syrups are beautifully packaged in ‘drugstore’-like bottles that can be purchased separately or in 2-pack presentation boxes. As such, they make wonderful gifts and can take pride of place in a foodie hamper or simply given as is, perhaps with a set of glasses or a bottle of alcohol.


Serve your customers great-tasting Soda Press Co syrups in your beverages. They’ll instantly know the difference between cheap, high sugar cordials and lovingly made, low sugar, organic syrups. 

Our new 4L Bag n’ Box in all flavours with our-tap allows you to have craft soda on your menu lifting your profit from 80-90 cents for pre-carbonated drink to $3-4 (with just 40 cents worth of syrup/serve). That’s circa an additional $2,000 a month. Not to mention less time stacking bulky fridges and disposing of empty bottles. You’re also doing the environment a significant flavours! (Makes 95 drinks)

To discuss your requirements or to place your first order, contact Soda Press Co today.

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