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Gourmet Fudge Supplies
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Gourmet Fudge Supplies

Fudge is a treat that can be a feast for the eyes as much as the tummy. Thanks to Gourmet Fudge Supplies, you can create theatre and excitement in your store as the company provides everything you need to produce high quality fudge right there in front of your customers’ eyes.

Gourmet Fudge Mix

For businesses that only want to purchase Fudge Mix, these are available in four base flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate

The fudge is simple to make and requires the addition of only butter and water. One batch can be whipped up in just over half an hour and equals six trays of delicious, fresh fudge. It contains only the best quality ingredients with chocolate sourced from Belgium and Dutch Cocoa. The specialized formula creates that decadent, melt in the mouth fudge experience.

Gourmet Fudge Equipment

Gourmet Fudge Supplies can furnish you with a specialised Fudge Kettle, manufactured by an American company that started out in 1855! It’s been designed specifically to cook the wholesale fudge pre-mixes that the Gourmet Fudge Supplies provides. The stainless steel insulated kettle is easy to use and clean and features a 3KW electric heating plate and a spring-loaded agitator with scrapers that are easily removable for cleaning without tools. The tank itself tilts and locks for mixing and pouring.

You are in complete control with the Savage Bros fudge kettle as it allows you to specify the temperature you want your product to reach, meaning you can make more than just fudge in this kettle. If you want to make jam, toffee, etc there is also another model kettle that will reach boiling point. There is an inbuilt thermometer in the kettles which lets you know when your product has reached the required temperature. To top it off the kettles come with a stainless steel lid which allows you to keep your fudge covered while cooking. 

The Fudge Experience

Using the Fudge Kettle, you can make home style fudge in even a small shop front to entice your customers with the delicious aromas of fudge cooking before their very eyes. Gourmet Fudge Supplies provide the whole package including all the flavourings, trays, our own design fudge cabinets, signage and training.

All products are gluten free and the flavour combinations are limited only by your imagination. The company provides a recipe book that features 100 flavour suggestions. 

Enjoy very high profit margins and the benefits of the added passing trade that will be compelled by the sights and smells in store. Contact Gourmet Fudge Supplies today to discuss the potential for fudgy goodness for your business and your customers.

Why Choose Gourmet Fudge Supplies?

All our fudge mixes are free from hydrogenated oils. Our mix contains potassium sorbate which is essential to prevent your fudge from moulding. Only top quality ingredients are included in our fudge mix. Both of our chocolate base mixes include Belgium Chocolate and Dutch Cocoa, creating a superior taste which will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our fudge system has all important aspects covered for a successful operation. Quick and easy to make, Long shelf life of finished product, very high profit margins and constant support from Gourmet Fudge Supplies.

Making our fudge is so simple, no training is needed. We provide a simple step by step guide. Simply add butter, water and fudge mix to the kettle and allow it to heat and mix for the required time to combine all the ingredients into the perfectly smooth and creamy texture which makes irresistible fudge. After these simple steps to create each base flavour you can then add flavours, colours and nuts, etc. The more flavours you have on offer the more fudge you will sell. We include a fudge making manual which has over 100 flavours which have been tested for popularity before adding them to the manual.

Allows you to create custom orders colours for candy bar/ wedding/ promotional etc.

Gourmet Fudge Supplies is a family run business and have eleven years retail experience in making and selling fudge. We can help you to ensure your own fudge looks fantastic and creates interest in your store creating repeat customers.

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