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B-B Products
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B-B Products
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B-B Products
B-B Products
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We’re very fortunate in Australia to have an abundance of world renown quality meat so readily available. Enhancing this premium grade meat is the expertise that has flowed into our country with the arrival of European craftsmen.

At BB Products, we’re proud to be a completely Australian owned company that has established a reputation for producing authentic European high quality meat products since 1976.

This specialised product knowledge to manufacture dry-cured and air-dried meat products has its heritage in a family enterprise which has been operating in Europe for over half a century.

Our commitment to this history and uncompromising standard has earned our company the honour of being the first in Australia to be awarded an Approved Quality Assurance Arrangement with the AQIS. The distinction of this rating is only possible after consistent and absolute adherence to the most stringent regulations.

BB Products is also classed as an export manufacturing company as specified and registered by the DAWR. As important as these credentials are, our success stems from combining traditional recipes and techniques with the most advanced food technology possible. Our ingredients are all carefully nurtured with a natural affinity and zeal that we believe is evident in the final product. 

Our country provides us with its rich bounty of the finest fresh meat. We use this to provide you with an unchallenged standard of product. A standard that is reflected in the taste of each and every slice.

Products are available in the following formats:

  • 100g and 200g Sliced Retail 
  • 500g Sliced Catering Trays
  • Bulk Product


Produced from a denuded topside of prime beef, the meat is dry-cured, air-dried and matured over several months in order to generate its distinctly rich and refined flavour. This is a famous Swiss-style, premium quality product which has become a most appreciated item for the connoisseur all over Europe.


Produced from the finest Australian Wagyu Beef, this product is also made from a denuded topside which is air-dried and matured for several months. The difference being that this product has a much higher marble score. This extra marbling gives each slice an incredible flavour that will melt in your mouth. 


A traditional dry-cured and air-dried prime cut beef topside. After completion of the initial drying process, the product is coated with a specially prepared paste of oriental spices mixed with a generous amount of garlic. Bastourma originates from Turkey and Armenia and has become known and well appreciated in all Muslim countries.


Produced from sweet, mildly cured and marinated strips of denuded prime beef topside. In an air drying process which is complemented with a hint of natural smoke, the beef strips are extensively dehydrated. This traditional processing and spicing of meat has its origin in North America and South Africa, where this method of preservation was used in the pioneering days to store meat for long periods without refrigeration.


Produced using prime cut beef topside or silverside, naturally smoked, cooked and specially spice coated. Pastrami originated in Romania centuries ago, where it is processed as a dry-cured and air-dried meat. In the English speaking world Pastrami has been converted to a smoked and cooked product reflecting the taste of the modern world. It is conveniently shaped for slicing and catering application. 


A boneless, dry-cured pork leg that is matured by being air-dried for 6-8 months. This product is a typical flat Parma ham: square shaped, well-trimmed, with the knuckle section removed for maximum quality product yield. Prosciutto Crudo or Parma Ham originates in the region of the city of Parma, in the northern provinces of Italy. Its distinctive flavour is enhanced during the long maturing process. 


Produced from Australian Boneless Free Range Pork Legs that are dry-cured, air-dried and matured for several months. Similar to our other Prosciutto Crudo line, this free range leg offers a much richer flavour.


Also known as Forfoil and Fenalar, Lamb Prosciutto is a mildly cured, air-dried and gently smoked leg of lamb. Because it is a dry-cured meat, a subtle, enticing lamb flavour is maintained. The Scandinavian name for the product translates to ‘Violin Leg’ referring to the shape of the air dried leg if it was processed with the bone intact. Our product is manufactured boneless to facilitate easy handling, catering appeal and maximum yield when slicing.


A mildly dry-cured, naturally smoked, air-dried and matured pork leg section. This product is flat and especially shaped to achieve maximum yield when slicing. It has a very distinctive smoky flavour and a soft texture which resembles its traditional origin of the Black Forest in the southern region of Germany. 


A dry-cured and air dried boneless pork neck that is slightly smoked. Its rustic flavour and visual appeal is heightened by its natural marbly texture. A typical Italian country-style delicacy.


A mildly dry-cured, air-dried and gently smoked boneless pork lion with skinless pork belly wrapped around the loin to form a lean eye centre. This product maintains a soft texture because of the marbly meat structure of the pork belly. It is a very traditional Italian delicacy with a country style flavour. 


A European flat European style bacon where the meat is trimmed, dry-salted, spiced and cured. Slices are extremely soft and delicate in flavour thanks to the well balanced amount of white fat streaks.


A dry-cured, slightly air-dried, boneless and totally denuded pork lion, with a thin layer of premium quality pork back speck. This product has a very soft texture and has its origin in Germany where it is enjoyed as a gourmet delicacy. The literal translation of Lachs-Schinken means ‘Salmon Ham', a compliment referring to the pink colour and subtle texture. 


Produced as a traditionally cooked skinless, boneless and naturally smoked leg ham. The product is shaped to provide excellent catering applications and maximise yield when slicing. It is a juicy, tender leg ham. Only carefully selected full pork leg muscles are used to maintain the distinctive original pork leg texture and country style flavour. 


A pork based mild salami which has been carefully air-dried and fermented. It originates from Milan in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. Its subtle flavours enable this product to be enjoyed by all. 


An Italian aged salami produced with pork which is air-dried and fermented. It is a typical product of Veneto, in northern Italy, and is rustic in appeal.


Produced from ground pork and traditionally flavoured with the subtle spice of black peppercorns. This Italian staple item has been feeding families for generations and is best served simply in a crunchy panino or on an antipasto platter.


Selection of Dry-Cured, mildly smoked and air-dried/fermented Pork Salami, Prosciutto Crudo & Copacollo. This Italian Style delicacy is ready to go, just add cheese, olives and crackers to your entertaining platter.

Contact B-B Products today for more information and to discuss how we can best tailor a compelling range for your business and consumers. 

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