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VOLT Espresso

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VOLT Espresso
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29c Hannigan Drive
St Johns Auckland


Phone: 09 527 1764 Mobile: 021 44 22 33 Fax: 09 527 3091

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VOLT Espresso

Peter Grant – coffee aficionado, espresso fiend and full-on professional – is the mastermind behind VOLT Espresso. For the last eighteen years across Australia and New Zealand he and his brand have been producing quality coffee in the boutique roaster.

Peter’s vision was of a boutique roaster supplying fresh local coffee with a difference to cafes and restaurants. The point of difference is that the coffee is actually very good and the service is exceptional. Formerly known as Grant’s Espresso, today VOLT Espresso supplies pure, delectable and positively addictive coffee. The company also offers professional café baristas and home espresso fans five funky flavours including an organic fair trade option and a decaf blend.

VOLT Surge

The others are just faking it … Volt Surge hits the spot!

If you’ve ever had six VOLTS run up your arm, you’ll know that fluttery, buzzy feeling you get from it. Delicious VOLT surge blend is a bit like that but better, and of course, there’s no pain. You’ll experience a pleasurable six volts of espresso running through your body to give you the supercharge kick you’re looking for. Comprised of 75% Central America and 25% Sumatra beans, it's a medium dark roast.

New Zealand Coffee Awards:

  • Silver 2011/12
  • Bronze 2007/08


Smooth and seductive.

Think of Barry White but in a coffee cup. VOLT'S AMP blend’s sultry smooth flavour will seduce you and leave you wanting more. It features undertones of chocolate and berry and has a sweet smooth aftertaste. VOLT AMP is just the shot for a casual coffee affair!

New Zealand Coffee Awards:

  • Silver 2013/14
  • Bronze 2011/12
  • Bronze 2009/10
  • Bronze 2008/09
  • Bronze 2007/08
  • Bronze 2005/06


Karate CHOP!

When you need an instant kick, VOLT RUSH blend is for you. It’s a medium roast level blend of South American, PNG and Sumatran beans that performs kind of like a roundhouse from a Jackie Chan movie. It’s swift and painless but with all the booty kicking you need from an instant hit! The chocolatey overtones soften the blow too, leaving a smooth aftertaste. Hiii-YA!

New Zealand Coffee Awards:

  • Bronze 2004/05

VOLT Organic Earth

God's gift... super anti-guilt… in a cup of coffee.

Have you made anyone cry today? Left the photocopier with a jam in it? Not to worry… gain some brownie points back with VOLT EARTH blend coffee. Completely fair-trade and 100% certified organic, you can easily shrug off those insignificant happenings by giving back to the coffee community. A winner for everyone, you can continue your addiction guilt-free with the knowledge of a well-paid and happy coffee farmer and you can tick off the "ORGANIC" box too. Makes for easy discussions with the boss's wife on your organic dietary intake. Guilt-free and clever coffee… imagine that!

New Zealand Coffee Awards:

  • Gold 2014/15
  • Silver 2014/15
  • Bronze 2014/15
  • Bronze 2012/13
  • Bronze 2011/12
  • Silver 2009/10
  • Bronze 2009/10
  • Silver 2008/09
  • Gold 2006/07

VOLT Pulse (Decaf)

Au Natural

So the doctor has ordered you to quit caffeine for whatever reason. Like being asked to donate a kidney to a wealthy uncle you've never met, the decision to switch to decaf can be a hard one. Never fear. The good people at VOLT espresso built you a decaf blend so you can still get the flavour without the caffeine. Now you can keep the doctor happy and keep your street cred intact at morning tea time. VOLT PULSE decaf blend distilled with Swiss water is 99.9% caffeine free and unlike other decaf blends hasn't been swept up off the floor.

New Zealand Coffee Awards:

  • Bronze 2010/11
  • Gold 2009/10
  • Silver 2006/07

Seeking Distributors

Currently, VOLT Espresso is sold wholesale to cafes as far south as Rotorua but it’s time to go nationwide. The coffee is available in 3kg and 1kg bags. Additionally, 250g retail packs can be supplied to cafes who, in turn, can sell to their customers. If you’d like to be a Distributor for VOLT Espresso, express your interest by completing the form below.

To discuss your requirements or to place your first order, contact VOLT Espresso today.

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