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Dairyworks Cheese

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Dairyworks Cheese
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Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese
Dairyworks Cheese


719 Halswell Junction Road
Christchurch 8441
New Zealand


Phone: 03 344 5801 Fax: 03 344 5802

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Dairyworks Cheese

Established in 2001, Dairyworks is a company built on values and innovation that have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy production.

Today Dairyworks remains a proud second generation family business where our expertise has been passed down from one generation to the next. Not only can we count ourselves a family business through ownership, but also through our dedicated staff. Many of our employees work side by side with siblings and parents.

Dairyworks is determined to produce products of the highest quality and provide innovative solutions for the 21st century consumers.

Dairyworks is MAF-certified, a Registered Dairy Exporter and Halal licensed and follows a full risk-management program.

The Dairyworks cheese slices range

  • Gouda Natural Slices (and Mini Slices)
    Dutch-style, mild and creamy cheese with an elastic texture that makes it ideal for soups, sauces and toppings.
  • Swiss Natural Slices
    That instantly recognisable nutty, sweet flavour of Swiss cheese; delicious melted or fresh in a favourite sandwich.
  • Colby Natural Slices
    Soft, mild and smooth, perfect for melting under the grill and well loved by kids.
  • Edam Natural Slices (and Mini Slices)
    Dutch-style, light and fresh in flavour and with 25% less fat than Tasty cheese.
  • Tasty Natural Slices (and Mini Slices)
    Thoroughly versatile, this firm Cheddar has a slightly crumbly texture and a pleasantly strong flavour.
  • Smoked Natural Mini Slices
    Add extra layers of flavour to nibbles and other dishes with this specially smoke-cured Cheddar cheese.

Cheese & Crackers

The perfect size snack to grab and go, wherever and whenever. Packs contain five crispy sesameal crackers and five delicious mini cheese slices. Choose from: Edam; Tasty.

Parmesan Cheese

The quintessential Italian cheese, available as a traditional wedge or an easy-to-use powder.

Cheese Blocks

Available in 250g blocks, a handy size for consumers and packed in conveniently re-closable packs to minimise waste. Choose from: Colby; Edam; Extreme Tasty; Gouda; Mozzarella; Tasty.

Kids’ Cheeses

Dairyworks cheese and crackers snacks are the perfect snack for children. They contain 3 gluten free rice crackers and 3 cheese slices. Each pack contains four serves and they are filled with quirky personality. Throw them in school lunch boxes or sports bags and they’ll be ready to satisfy a kid-size hunger at a moment’s notice.

  • Edam Natural Cheese & Crackers
  • Colby Natural Cheese & Crackers

Edam Natural Cheese Sticks

Individually wrapped and easy for children to open, the cheese sticks are all natural, cut straight from the block and adorned with lovable monster characters.

Contract Packaging

Businesses seeking an efficient, reliable and creative partner for their brand will be interested to know that Dairyworks offers contract packaging. Choose from cut, grated, sliced or diced in varying size formats.


Stock a fine award-winning New Zealand brand for your customers. Dairyworks’ cheeses are all natural, attractively packaged, manufactured to the highest quality standards and available in popular formats.

For foodservice

Dairyworks offers a wide range of wholesale cheeses to meet the needs of the foodservice industry. They take pride in making available a dedicated Food Service team who knows what the industry demands. The company nurtures strong and enduring relationships with chefs, bakeries, food manufacturers, commercial caterers, quick service restaurants, cafes, hotels and other operators.

  • An extensive range of sliced, diced and grated cheeses including Colby, Swiss, Smoked Cheddar, Mild, Tasty, Mozzarella, Edam and Aspiring.
  • Grated cheese blends for bakeries and pizza outlets.
  • Parmesan in various forms including shredded, shaved, powdered and ground.
  • Speciality cheeses such as Feta, Brie, Blue and Camembert.
  • Salted and unsalted butter as well as butter pats.

To place your order for quality wholesale cheese from Dairyworks, simply contact the company today.

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