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Maun Bakery

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Maun Bakery
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4/31 Station Street
Nerang QLD 4211


Phone: +61 7 5627 0589 Mobile: +61 450 601 051

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Maun Bakery

Maun Bakery began life in 1918 as Topal Kadir Pastry Company. Today, it leads the industry in the field of frozen bakery products. The range of wholesale pies, pastries and savouries, supplied frozen for longer shelf life, minimum wastage and maximum freshness extends across croissants, Danishes, filled pastries, puff doughs, savoury buns, golden pies and baklava.


Irresistible golden pastry enrobes Maun Bakery’s savoury offerings. Glazed for added eye appeal and filled with delectable ingredients, they are as attractive as they are tasty. Available in different shapes/styles.

Choose from:

  • Rolled Pastry filled with Cheese
  • Rolled Pastry filled with Potato
  • Rolled Pastry filled with Mince
  • Rolled Pastry filled with Spinach
  • Mini Cheese Roll
  • Mini Potato Roll
  • Mini Spinach Roll
  • Mini Mince Roll

Also available is Cheese Pastry including Mozzarella, Mozzarella Jambon, Mozzarella with Mince and Mince Pastry.


Everybody loves a pie and Maun Bakery’s pies are created to be visually irresistible.

Choose from:

  • Apple Lattice Pie
  • Tahini Braided Pie
  • Figgy Pie

Also available is Mince and Mince Mozzarella.

Pastry Buns

An interesting alternative to regular buns, Maun Bakery’s varieties are flavoured with delicious ingredients and can be enjoyed as is or cut in half and filled.

Choose from:

  • Plain – Or with cheese, kashar cheese, olive or potato
  • Corn Flour with Cheese
  • Oat with Cheese
  • Dill
  • Grain with Cheese
  • Peanut
  • Venice
  • Chocolate

Puff Doughs

Delectable golden puffs of dough filled with Spinach or Cheese.

Wraps and Rolls

From Maun Bakery, you can purchase Turkish Pastrami Pastry or delicious Wraps and Rolls with quality fillings.

Choose from:

  • Cheese – Wrap, Roll or Round Pastry
  • Potato – Wrap, Roll or Round Pastry
  • Spinach – Wrap, Roll or Round Pastry
  • Mince – Wrap, Roll or Round Pastry

Croissants & Danishes

Perfect for breakfast, morning or afternoon tea, brunch or dessert.

  • Croissant – 25g, 50g or 80g
  • Turkish Croissant with Cacao
  • Kandil Pastry Ring
  • Pain au Chocolat
  • Sultana Scrolls
  • Apricot Danish
  • Sour Cherry Danish
  • Tahini Scrolls


Baklava is a hugely popular sweet treat to enjoy for morning or afternoon tea, dessert or with a glass of port. Choose from:

  • Wrapped Walnut Sweet Dough
  • Wrapped Walnut Baklava
  • Pistachio Baklava
  • Special with Pistachio Baklava
  • Palace Roll
  • Sobiyet
  • Village Baklava
  • Home Style Baklava
  • Pistachio Kadaifi
  • Burma Kadaifi


Turn to Maun Bakery for your wholesale pastries, pies and savouries. Supplied frozen, they ensure minimal wastage, maximum freshness and long shelf life. Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, delicatessens and bakeries.


Choose a brand that you can serve to your customers with pride. With an abundance of variety plus professional presentation and quality ingredients, Maun Bakery’s pastries, pies and savouries will help you keep your customers happy at all times.

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